“Decades of research, including more than 50 clinical trials, have shown that group therapy is as effective as individual therapy for many conditions, including depression, obesity and social anxiety” – American Psychological Association April 2019

Some studies have found that Groups have the advantage of being able to develop the following:

  • Confidence
  • Self-Discovery
  • Camaraderie
  • Different perspectives
  • Confidentiality

As part of an Integrated approach to Mental Health Services, Cedar Oaks Clinic is offering a range of groups to help our clients develop the skills and strategies to deal with their unique challenges.

Groups will be offered to include the following issues:

  • Mental Health through Maternity
  • Adolescent Behavior
  • Coping with Stress
  • Dealing with Anxiety
  • Dealing with Depression
  • Healthful Living
  • Mind and Body
  • Other topics / focused groups planned – watch this space

Please call us at 919 529 5920 to find out more.

CURRENT GROUPS - Click HERE to book your spot!

GROUP 1: DBT for families  (run by Cathy Busam )

WHO: This is a DBT* group for families (Parents and their kids ages 11 to 21). 

WHEN: May 25 - Jul 27 (9 weeks)

WHERE: Cedar Oaks Clinic – 1748 Heritage center drive Suite 101 Wake Forest, NC 27587

DETAILS: By the time you complete this group you and your family will have a better idea of how to regulate your emotions even in high distress, support each other through the storms of mental health issues and celebrate your family strengths and resources. The group is based on a book that you are welcome to purchase but is not required for the group. DBT Workbook for Teens and Parents (2 books in 1) The Mentor Bucket.


Space is limited and on a first come first serve basis!

Note: When booking online, select Catherine Busam as provider to schedule group sessions.

COST: $40 per person per group - No charge for attending parent or guardian (10% Discount if paid in full upfront)


*"Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy tries to identify and change negative thinking patterns and pushes for positive behavioral changes. DBT may be used to treat suicidal and other self-destructive behaviors - WebMD"

Crisis Services

Always contact the Cedar Oaks Team with any concerns or questions. In an emergency, or if you are unable to contact us, listed below are some additional helplines and advocacy services. These are run by different organizations.  They are free services that you can use for talk or text support in an emotional crisis. For a medical emergency always call 988.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

If you would like immediate help, please call or text 1-800-273-8255 (TALK). Through this toll-free phone number, we offer a network of crisis centers across the country. These centers staff their lines with people who are trained to listen and offer support to people in emotional crisis. If you are in an immediate medical crisis, please call 988.

North Carolina Hopeline – you talk, and we listen.

CALL OR TEXT: 919-231-4525 | 877-235-4525


NAMI – National Alliance on Mental Health

Crisis line, information, and advocacy

NAMI North Carolina

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