Integrated Psychiatric Therapy in Wake Forest, NC

Mental health is an important part of your overall healthcare and can greatly improve your life. With integrated psychiatric therapy, caring for your mental health becomes a normal part of your general healthcare and it can benefit you by easing certain pains or issues that may be caused by mental health problems. When both your general health and mental health are cared for, you often find that your needs are met and you’re able to have a higher quality of life.

Care doesn’t have to focus on one specific section of the body, because often a lot of your pain is connected and can be caused by an issue in a different area of your body. The same is true with physical and mental health. There are issues that could be caused by one or the other and you can find yourself struggling in certain areas to get the help that you actually need.

Seeking Integrated Psychiatric Therapy

When you seek integrated psychiatric therapy and care, you will often find that your needs are more easily met, and it all begins to balance out. Your psychiatric provider can sit down with you and discuss your symptoms and what issues you seem to be dealing with. From there, they can create treatment plans that work with other areas of your body and your life to create a more holistic sense of treatment.

Integrated Care Plan

When you work with your psychiatric provider to create an integrated care plan, you’ll find that you may be visiting the doctor less often for certain needs and that overall, you’re experiencing a more satisfactory result than when you were just addressing certain symptoms.

Find out how you can blend your care and benefit both your mental and physical health at the same time. Contact Cedar Oaks Clinic in Wake Forest, NC, at(919) 529-5920 for more information and to schedule an appointment today.

Crisis Services

Always contact the Cedar Oaks Team with any concerns or questions. In an emergency, or if you are unable to contact us, listed below are some additional helplines and advocacy services. These are run by different organizations.  They are free services that you can use for talk or text support in an emotional crisis. For a medical emergency always call 988.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

If you would like immediate help, please call or text 1-800-273-8255 (TALK). Through this toll-free phone number, we offer a network of crisis centers across the country. These centers staff their lines with people who are trained to listen and offer support to people in emotional crisis. If you are in an immediate medical crisis, please call 988.

North Carolina Hopeline – you talk, and we listen.

CALL OR TEXT: 919-231-4525 | 877-235-4525

NAMI – National Alliance on Mental Health

Crisis line, information, and advocacy

NAMI North Carolina

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